Georgia Trauma Commission Bleeding Control Kit Program

In March 2017, the Georgia Trauma Commission embarked upon a campaign to provide bleeding control kits in every Georgia public school and bus in addition to providing training to key school staff. This quick action and success received national attention, other states and organizations sought to replicate Georgia’s program. The success of this program was unique in that the majority of school staff were trained by volunteers from Georgia trauma centers, EMS agencies, fire departments, emergency preparedness agencies as well as a number of other engaged stakeholders.

As of August 2022, the Georgia Trauma Commission approved additional organizations to receive bleeding control kits. Each region will determine their current needs and distribute kits according to their Regional Trauma Advisory Committee (RTAC) plan. Please see qualifying organizations and kit parameters below.

The Georgia Trauma Commission supports the one-time allotment of kits per organization or school bus.  


Any interested organization, public or private, is welcome to request training. Our Stop the Bleed and RTAC Coordinators will do their best to organize a training at your organization or provide you with the tools or connections to ensure training is completed.

GTC Bleeding Control Kit Recipients

In order of priority:

  1. Public K-12 Schools
  2. Public K-12 School Buses
  3. Other Public Education Institutions
  4. Law Enforcement
  5. Government Agencies

GTC Kit Recipient Requirements

  • All participating organizations must be trained in STOP THE BLEED. RTAC Coordinators provide free STOP THE BLEED training to any interested organization.
  • Each Georgia public school system or district should train the maximum amount of school bus drivers, substitute drivers, and assistant drivers, as possible. After the training has been completed, the system or district will be awarded the appropriate amount of Georgia Trauma Commission Bleeding Control kits based upon the school bus count in each individual system or district. 
  • Organizations should have at minimum ten (10) staff members trained in STOP THE BLEED prior to kit distribution.
  • Organizations must sign a Participation Agreement for training or kit distribution. 

Purchase Option Information

We offer training to any interested organization, however non-qualifying organizations or previous recipients can purchase their own kits. 

STOP THE BLEED Instructors

Healthcare providers including physicians, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, and first responders are all eligible to teach the Stop the Bleed Course. Simply log in to the Stop the Bleed website and register as an instructor. This will provide you with access to the most up to date information and training materials.