Regional Trauma Advisory Committees

RTAC Coordinators

Current Regional Trauma Advisory Committee coordinators by region.

Regional Trauma Advisory Committees (RTAC) will be established in each EMS Region for the purpose of developing and maintaining the Regional Trauma System Plan (Plan) and monitoring system compliance and improvement activities.

RTAC membership will represent regional trauma system stakeholders including physicians, EMS, designated Trauma Centers, non-designated participating hospitals, hospital personnel, local governments, and the public. An RTAC will meet at least quarterly to oversee operation of the Plan but may meet more frequently as determined by system needs.

Each RTAC will:

  • RTAC Website

    Please visit the RTAC website for region updates and information!

    Prevent injury by monitoring high incident areas, for example, and proposing solutions and follow-up plans to specific agencies. The RTAC will develop data-supported injury-prevention programs;
  • Monitor component compliance with the Plan;
  • Analyze system performance using data specified in the data-driven performance improvement component;
  • Evaluate regional trauma training needs;
  • Act as a forum for regional trauma issues to providers and consumers within the trauma care continuum;
  • Monitor hospitals’ transfer agreements, proper use of diversion, emergency department “wall time” and holding patterns, etc.;
  • Identify additional Trauma Center and Trauma System capacity needs within the respective region;
  • Support non-designated participating hospitals to be brought up to Trauma Center designation status as determined; and,
  • Develop and monitor mutual aid agreements and activities to ensure region-wide EMS coverage at all times.