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Automatic Vehicle Locating System (AVLS) Program

GTC EMS Automatic Vehicle Locating System (AVLS) Program


With funding allocated by the Georgia Trauma Commission EMS Committee, the AVLS program provides a system that ensures real-time tracking and communication with 911-contracted ambulances with the goal of improving trauma care. The network supports pre-hospital trauma care and transport to medical facilities by providing the ability to exchange the highest levels of medical information between ambulances and hospitals.

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The GA EMS AVLS program equips Georgia ambulances operating as primary 911 Zone Providers with AVLS Wi-Fi to cellular gateways. It provides wireless connectivity to multiple locations for the display of vehicles on map screens.  The mapping system uses the In Motion Technology Airlink Mobility Manager (AMM) hosted by SemTech Sierra Wireless for vehicle position display on agency and State Operations Center (SOC) computers with a secure connection to the internet.

On any given day, approximately 850-1150 911 Contract ambulances equipped with the AVLS are deployed in 152 Counties in Georgia. In addition to fleet management information, these ambulances can instantly transmit Electrocardiogram, video, voice, and digital data. The ambulance also broadcasts its map coordinates to aid in finding them from the air if needed.

Here is a photograph of the proper way to connect the dipole short antenna and the 6-lead Dome antenna leads to the back of the MG90 Gateway (There are too many ways to connect them incorrectly)


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