Strategic Planning

In December 2007, the Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission met for the first time. SB 60 had enabled the formation of the Commission. Approximately $59 million was allocated to the Commission, which was charged to establish, maintain, and administer a trauma center network, to coordinate the best use of existing trauma facilities and to direct patients to the best available facility for treatment of traumatic injury and act as the accountability mechanism for the entire Georgia trauma system, and to oversee the flow of funds for system improvement. For the first two years, SB 60 specifically mandated that EMS, designated trauma centers, and trauma physicians were to be funded.

Commission meetings were held monthly with subcommittees meeting regularly. The Commission assessed trauma center readiness costs, uncompensated care, best practices from other states, and alternate funding formulas for trauma centers, trauma physicians and EMS. In June 2008, the Commission approved the 2008-2009 $59 million trauma system-funding plan.

The Georgia Trauma Commission is committed to ongoing assessment of and strategic planning for the Georgia Trauma System.