ACS Trauma Systems Consultation

ACS infographic

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) offers a Trauma Systems Consultation Program to evaluate trauma systems and provide guidance for future development.  Georgia underwent its first trauma systems assessment in 2009.  Since then, the trauma system has grown from 16 designated trauma centers to 33 designated trauma centers (including 8 ACS verified trauma centers) and 2 American Burn Association (ABA) verified burn centers. 

More information on the ACS Trauma Systems Consultation Program, including a link to FAQs, can be found here


ACS Consultation Documents

Download this pdf file. 2023 Georgia TSC Final Report

Download this pdf file. 2022 ACS Trauma Systems Essential Elements White Book

Download this pdf file. Completed PRQ

Download this pdf file. 2023 Site Visit ACS Intro Presentation

Download this pdf file. 2023 GA ACS TSC Exit Presentation

Download this pdf file. 2009 Georgia TSC Final Report


2023 ACS Consultation Recordings

01.04.23 ACS Introduction

01.09.23 Georgia Full Trauma System Consult

01.13.23 ACS Exit Presentation