March 26, 2021

FY 2021 EMS Trauma Equipment Grant Notice

At the request of the EMS Subcommittee, the GTCNC approved another grant award opportunity using AFY 2021 funding for your EMS agency “GRANTEE” to be used for purchase(s) of Trauma Related Equipment to equip ambulances. The total amount of funds to be awarded is $1,170,864 statewide. Our current ambulance count yielded 1,486 ambulances or reimbursement up of $787.93 per ambulance.

The deadline to submit completed grant packets including your agency applications, affidavit and copy of invoice or purchase order for reimbursement is on or before April 30, 2021. Applications received after this date will be returned to the sender.

Read the full notice here:  Download this pdf file. EMS Trauma Equip Grant Award Letter -signed

Special Request Forms

For a time extension to the AFY 2021 EMS equipment grant, please submit the form  Download this doc file. AFY2021 Special Request for Time Form  and submit no later than April 5, 2021, to be considered for additional time.

For any equipment not listed on the approved Ambulance equipment lists, please submit this form  Download this doc file. AFY2021 Special Request for Equipment  and submit no later than April 10th, 2021, to have the special equipment request considered.

Ambulance Count by Agency

Here is more information about the ground ambulance grant award:

Vendor Supplier Forms

Please use the following forms to update your Vendor Supplier Information from Check to ACH payment, please also submit a voided check or a letter from your financial institution on their letterhead stating your ABA Routing Number and full account number including any and all zeroes:  Download this pdf file. 2021 Vendor Management Form

Call the office with any general questions about the AFY 2021 EMS Trauma Equipment Grant.