Summary  August Meeting Action Items

  • OEMST | FY 2024 OTCPE forms will be updated and open on September 15 and due October 15. FY2023 Q4 reports are still in review.
  • Georgia Trauma Foundation: Continuing Education Instructors Database, CEID, is live. Please check with your TPM if you still need to receive a login. When you access CEID, please check your personal and faculty information to ensure it is correct. If your credential is close to expiring, we will contact you for an update to ensure the database remains current. You can contact Cheryle by email or phone to update your expiration dates: [email protected],  404-394-2912.
  • Rural Continuing Education Program Initiative scheduled courses and map included in ATTACHMENT A. If you would like to apply to participate in a course, please contact If you would like to apply to participate, please reach out to [email protected], 404-394-2912.
  • Education Subcommittee is requested feedback from level III/IV Trauma Program Managers and undesignated centers for the New Trauma Program Manager Toolkit. Please reach out to [email protected] for any suggestions.
  • Performance Improvement Committee completed a level III/IV tool that can be used in place of an outcomes module for those that don't have access to the online registry to help them complete their PI processes and documentation. Please get in touch with [email protected] to receive the tool.
  • Next month is Fall Prevention Month, our Fall Prevention Resource Kit is available at We have many social media resources to take the content and make it your own.
  • The National Injury Prevention Day toolkit is already out and can be accessed at
  • We are still searching for an Injury Prevention and Outreach Chair; please contact me if you are interested at [email protected].
  • Kim Kottemann with LifeLink of Georgia presented organ donation data trends for FY 2023 (ATTACHMENT B). Kim highlighted the successful collaboration between Northeast Georgia and LifeLink, resulting in a published paper (ATTACHMENT C).
  • Tracy Johns reviewed ACS Standards 7.1 and 7.2 (ATTACHMENT D).