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FY 2023 EMS Trauma Equipment Grant Notice

At the request of the EMS Committee, the GTC approved another grant award opportunity using FY 2023 funding for your EMS agency “GRANTEE” to be used for purchase(s) of Trauma Related Equipment to equip ambulances. The deadline is February 1, 2023. Late applications will be returned to sender. 

Upcoming Meetings


GQIP Winter Meeting

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Our next Trauma Collaborative meeting will take place at Chateau Elan!

Please click the add to calendar button below to download a calendar placeholder. Tentative schedule and required attendee details are outlined below. 


GTC Level III and IV Committee Meeting

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Georgia Trauma Commission (GTC) Level III and IV (Rural Focused) Committee Meeting

GQIP Winter Meeting

The meeting will be held at Chateau Elan, February 27-March 1, 2023. 

The Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission coordinates the best use of existing trauma facilities and directs patients to the best available facility for treatment of traumatic injury.


The Georgia Trauma Commission is dedicated to improving the health of injured Georgians by ensuring access to quality trauma care, coordinating key trauma system components, and educating trauma care providers across the multidisciplinary continuum.


The Georgia trauma system will become a top-tier trauma system that provides the highest quality care and education through discovery and innovation.


  • Stewardship Manage resources responsibly and bring value to patients and taxpayers
  • Integrity Demonstrated through accountability, ethical behavior, transparency, and reliability
  • Inclusivity Ensure teamwork, collaboration, and inclusion of a diverse stakeholder group

Grant and Program Highlights

Stop the Bleed

Stop The Bleed is a national campaign that offers emergency trauma care training to the public.

Bleeding Control Kit

Eligible trauma network centers, healthcare providers, agencies, and program partners can apply for funds and resources.

Available EMS Grants