November 07, 2023

FY 2024 Cellular Carrier Open Enrollment Period Starts December 1, 2023

To manage funding for these contracts the GTCNC is starting a set 3-month period of enrollment each year in which Automatic Vehicle Locating System (AVLS) cellular service providers can be changed; unless there is a critical service failure of coverage which requires change to support effective EMS operations. Agencies may, during the enrollment period, request a change of cellular service provider for the following Fiscal Year.

The open enrollment period will be December, January, and February. The decisions and requests for the next fiscal year must be requested No Later Than (NLT) the last day of February each year.

EMS providers and carriers may conduct service testing and planning at any time during the year, but official requests for changes for the following Fiscal Year beginning in July must be submitted during the open enrollment period, and NLT the last day of February.

As cellular providers we ask that you help us make this system work efficiently for all.  You may meet with and test coverage with any agency at whatever dates and times are mutually convenient, but the GTCNC will only contract for any changes of gateways from one carrier to another during the open enrollment period , for the following fiscal year.

Cellular carriers with contracts for Georgia Trauma Commission AVLS connectivity:

  • AT&T FirstNet
  • SouthernLINC
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon

Thanks for all of your support!!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tim Boone.


GTC AVLS Coordinator Dr. Tim Boone

For general information and support, including ordering new or replacement equipment

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